Tuhan aku cuma perlu 2 minggu
Untuk konsistensi baru
Untuk mengisi masa luang
Untuk penuhi list yang aku catatkan
Tuhan berikan aku kekuatan
Untuk bangun setiap 2 pagi bertemuMu
Untuk tidur setiap 6-7 jam setiap hari
Untuk kamitkan mulutku dengan mathsurat itu
Untuk terus meneliti erti kalamMu
Untuk terus membaca tulisan pena
2 buah setiap minggu
Beri aku kekuatan untuk konsistensi ini Tuhan

blurp blurp by eiffelish lover


I dont really understand some human.
For God sake they come in our life.
Be a good accompany.
Give good advices.
Ask lots of question.
Care 24/7.
But some time, they are not even there.
I dont know and i dont understand.
I just dont wanna ask.
Some things are better left unsaid.
And my ego goes over everything.
Am not goin to make any move for the next.
Am just waiting for the right moment.
You know sometimes you just dont understand things.
And you just let it be.
Dont wanna overthink.
But yet it happens.
Im done stalking someone tonight.
Someone who used to text me 24/7.
But its weird.
Coz i only knew this person just for a while.
I knew him over the weekend.
And we became that close.
As if i knew him for a very longgg time.
I cant even figure this thing out.
And my heart pumps like hell when i meet him.
Talk and listen to him.
And i did notice the same thing occur to him.
Till my friend said, akwardnya dengan mamat tu.
Oh God, why him.
Why this thing happen again.
blurp blurp by eiffelish lover


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blurp blurp by eiffelish lover