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Hi Assalamualaikum.

Just a random write up.
I was thinking too much lately.
From the family thingy, works
Up to myself
Too many things to do
So little time
Sometimes overthinking kills you
Not sometimes
Everytime i supposed
So i dont know what happen to my health lately
No voice
Easy to fall sick
Got no energy etc
And today i think i have reached to my max threshold
Where i can no longer hold it anymore
So i decided to call someone
A good and a nice fella
So because of the different working hours
And customer was in
And i keep on telling nothing
I pretended that i was okay
So we just hang up that call
Just like that
But i decided to tell him via whatsapp
That life is very stressful nowadays
This is what he replied to me
He said that my perspective is too small
I took things for granted
He asked me to appreciate lil things like, Malaysia masih aman hahaha
Thats a good thing he said (its so true btw)
And, he asked me
To really stop trying to please everyone because i will lose myself
Thats the only way to live.
You know what pleases you
Do that
Too easy
That easy
And one more thing, expect less.
The world doesnt own you anything.
So because of this i was okay
I am okay by now
Its the truth anyway
I should have live my life
I mean not thinking of what happen next or what
But i have to live and seize the day
Just to enjoy every moment
Because my life is so beautiful right now
Cool person he is



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Fight Like A Girl!

This is for girls who stay up all night,
This is for you who are willing to fight,
For hidden fears, hurt, pain and tears,
Under the smiles, laughs and giggles we hear,
Let your hair down, straight or curls,
You are beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who wear short skirts and their heart on their sleeve,
For girls who know how difficult it is to believe,
The girls who scream and cry to their pillows,
And tell them their goals,
For girls who have a secret but can't tell us all,
Let your eyes be your diamond, make them your pearls,
You are beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who have made mistakes had regrets galore,
The girls that may not win but always get up from the floor,
The girls who take life as it comes,
The girls who have broken the code,
For the girls who hope, that it'll get better somewhere down the road,
Let your steps be a dance, and jump, and do the swirl,
You are beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For the girls who love with all their heart,
Although it sometimes gets broke,
For the girls who think it's over,
To real girl, to all girls who have tears to soak,
You throw, you pick up, and fall,

But just tell the world,
I am beautiful, because,
I fight like a girl.

( CNBC TV18, SRK <3 )

#Motivation4Monday #benice #spreadpositivity

2900ft above sea level yeah!!

P/s I have overcome my fear of heights despite the tears and hardships and now i am proud that i have made it!! It is not that easy but it is worth it!!

I have a beautiful life now.

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New me

Hello guys, Introducing mah new soft yet stern looks.. watch out!

Im in Snapchat guys haha

Am enjoying life sooo muchhhhh!

Converse <3


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Note to Self

Be yourself
Ignore what others think of you
Be yourself
Let them judge you
Be yourself
Let them say what they wanna say
Be yourself
Let them describe you
Just so you know
You are far ahead than them
Your life is beautiful than theirs
You are young and free
And nothing can stop you
Nothing can stop you, Fi

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Hail Good Days

A slumber did my feelings seal
I had no human fears
She seems a thing that could not feel
The touch of earlier years

On the floor we sit
Crazy things we did
The laugh that we had
Chit chatting,
Looking around,
Make noises..
This was in Subang Parade,
Watching the long lost Dorry.

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Its Me, Now

My wisdom comes from experience, 
My passion comes from pain, 
My confidence hides my insecurities, 
My weakness makes me stronger, 
My past does not define me, 
My strength is an illusion, 
My calm hides a storm, 
My innocence is not ignorance.
I am not the same soul I once was. 
A lot has changed. 
A lot had to change. 
So you shouldn’t expect out of me what I embodied in the past. 
For that part of me no longer exists.
The transformation isn't sweet and bright. 
Its dark and murky, painful and punishing 
And I believe every next level of your life will demand a different version of you 
And you should never apologize for evolving past your comfort zone.

Nicely written by someone!

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Decent boy you are,
You come to a point
Nothing bothers you,
Youre a savage,
Cold hearted,
And you taught me to be one,
And i am now.
Nothing really bothers me.

To you,
Everyone else is annoying,
But you said you are the most annoying,
And no one can out-annoy you.
You dont judge people,
So you taught me to be one.

You dont over think,
So you taught me to be one.
You are the strongest one (well to my eyes, you are)
So you sincerely taught me to be one.
You are one and only kind when i say wish me luck,
You will say, "i wish you ruin it, whatever it is"
Then only you will say, "well goodluck".
You say whatever you wanna say,
You do whatever you wanna do,
So you taught me to be one.
Now you taught me to be on my own,
You tested me with that kind of whatsapp messages,
You taught me to be strong,
Not to overthink
Not to be sad over a silly thing
And i am now.
Yes, You!
You built me stronger.

And now,
I am slowly and surely
Will be the strongest one
Stronger than you
And insyaAllah turn out to be better than you

We make ammends with the past
We learnt from it
We have to make room for better things to come
Freeing ourselves from negativity
Be ourselves
Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow

Thank you for your time with me,
I will definitely miss to contact and laugh with you,
May that time comes again and again.
Because i am what i am
I am who i am
When im with you.

p/s gonerrrr niiii gaji tak masuk lagiiii dan dah nak rayaaaaa cis! Hahahaha well i got a new snapchat account now! From fb, can switch to instagram and snapchat. Bye bye fb (lol since you always perli me for being so active in fb, so i stop now haha). This blog has become my way of expressing, but never to impress. I just type what goes around in my head. And currently is you.
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Time Passes By

As time passes by,
I will sleep next to the towel,
Every single day,
Just to remind me of you,
Who always help me,
In my darkest time.
You give me light,
When no one offers me the same,
All the effort that you potrays,
You always wanna make me laugh,
Even over a silly matter,
And i miss laughing with you by my side.
That annoying side of you,
I miss it too.
A day passed by already,
Not a single time passed without me..
Thinking of you..
Nasib baik ada towel biru stripe ni!
Glad that you gave me the thing that you love the most.
O Allah what is happening,
Please show me the truth,
Is he the real one?
Is this the final one?
The one that i want to sacrifise my whole life for him?
Allah please help me.
Show me the truth.


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