Islam? Read this is a must!!!

Mungkin terasa diri kerdil sangat kerdil untuk membuat artikel berbaur keagamaan tapi i should do something.
I mean, muslimin dan muslimat di luar sana, you should boost up your iman by reading this article.
Dari kita percaya dgn any prediction tarikh2 kiamat, baik kita prepare diri kita, saling mengingati dan yeah, kumpul segala rahsia yang sengaja Allah bocorkan untuk persediaan kita nanti.

What to guess? i've posted it, spreading it around, to those who be friend with me on facebook, on twitter, and yeah, now on my own blog. 
Please do read and have that little time to think about our Islam.
Allah, please do forgive me......up to us to believe and do something =")

Spread this to all muslims!

p/s with coming leisure time, i shall continue writing on that article. Till then~ tabarakallah

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Should i be satisfied?

Kinda having so-called weird friend now. 
Don't even understand why on earth is she acting like that. T.T
That is why i come up with this entry. 
(Thanks to my weirdo friend) hew hew

So, in this context, 
should we be satisfied with the person who doesn't get into us? 
Well well well *thinking*

" Accept others the way the are. You cannot change other people to fit what you want them to be and bla bla bla. "

Am i too fussy? True, we might too fussy in choosing our friends. 
And yes, to be, our real best buddy.

But what i want to make it clear now is that..
Yes, you ought to accept people for the way they are. 
You ought to love people with all the faults and weaknesses that they come with. 
But that doesn't mean that you should be just satisfied with the way they are. 

I'm not changing the cat to be the dog or the dog into a horse. 
Its impossible duh! 

For me, i can change.. 

The cat to be like the dog. 
The dog into the horse.
On many perspectives...
Yes, we can!
#sounds so motivated

 'This is just the way I am', is an excuse 
for not to grow, 
not to behave properly, 
not to do the right thing, 
or to do what you need to do. 

Perhaps, when you're just telling that person, 
'hey its wrong to be like this', 
'hey i don't like this',
'hey can u change this?'
'hey you're so weird',
'hey you better change for the good'..
'hey you..' and 'hey you..'

One fine day, he/she will realize him/her mistakes. 
Unfortunately, in reality, we are so afraid to say no. 
We are afraid to tell him/her what's totally wrong and so on. 
Too bad...

Although I don't think a person should be overly critical, I do believe that everyone should recognize the need to grow and improve.

The moment that you have arrived in life where you no longer need improvement is probably the moment that you're dead as well. 
Don't be that 'dead' until you're truly dead. Hahaha

Nutshell, life is all about relationships and growth. 
If a person can't improve, what's more to do in life then?

Accepting other people as they are is what matters. 

Not drastically, but slowly, taking the time into considerations. 

This is what makes a relationship meaningful--the patience..
When the experiences of the relationship change and alters both involved for the better.

#oh ya, moving my pen to next chapter of my lovely i-genetics hahaha c ya! ^,< 

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Leisure times

I was then so guilty for not reading those books like i should do. 
Yeah what i mean that, true, it was my fault for only scanning all those words by words without taking a deep meaning for each of those. Strangely enough, these two weeks, i-Genetics was the best accompany of mine!

Preferably  i want that book to be my best friend but sadly to say, the content full of that small tiny wordy information about genetics. Too bored right?

But then, that tough subject (General Genetics) was the one that i gained highest marks at. 
Me just screwed up  those simple subjects which i think i might not studying properly and take things so easy. hahaha 

Oh ya, that highest mark is so cool huh? XD hew hew. That seriously a miracle or we call it, rezeki. For that, i shall say alhamdulillah (= 

Actually i was having that day dreaming while turning the book on. The author of the book. 
What if one lucky fine day, its definitely the time for me to write a book? 
Maybe not a scientific book, a fiction book perhaps more interesting and attracting those people to buy it. Have i told you that i'm into that kind of book? Novels are so so my's true.

Maybe that book i'm going to write should not too wordy, having that sweet nice cute front cover. Hee 

What do i have to say anymore? True said, people nowadays are judging the books by its cover. Thats the trend now. 

Gotta go now. Till the next entry, daa~

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you can't take it back

Ever since i'm here, 
wondering about stuff like back then.
Pretty sure that we can't even change a thing
But definitely, we can make things right.
Right as right that we want.
Right as right that it should be.
Right as right that we have been taught earlier.
About the past that will never come again,
About yesterday that will be a memory.
Let it be...
We have one more chance today,
We have another chance tomorrow,
Things depend on us.
On the surrounding.
Don't just put the hope.
Don't dwell on the past.
Indeed to inspire all of you,
And yeah, myself too

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