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Nak komen ke? 
Just one time, i've heard, don't put the 100% trust on others. You might feel the hurt so much. 

So yeah, macam ayat ayat atas ni, simpanlah sedikit keraguan. In fact, nabi Muhammad pun kalau berasa jeles terhadap isterinya, baginda akan mencubit pipi isterinya itu. 

Sounds sweet right? hahaha 
Okay that's all. Tak mo komen banyak-banyak. Tengah puasa ni hehe
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Let us do whatever that being asked by HIM and ask for forgiveness
Sesungguhnya bulan ini penuh barakah

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Born vs Made

So entry kali ni simple jugak. Sebelum sambung belajar, nak bg entry banyak-banyak. Haa, pembaca setia kan baca. I know that!!  *kenyit mata kat you all  *,< 

I just don't even know ada orang akan setia membaca blog ni then tunggu bila blog ni nak update. Until one dy, a friend of mine, told me, fifyyyyyy when you're going to update your blog? hehehehe. My expression was like, LAHHH! Kau baca ke? Aku ingat aku syok sendiri hehe. So thanks for that support Aishah and those who keep following my blog's update. And you too

So, back to my own title. 

Are great people born or made?

So let's figure out one by one. The only possible answer is that great people are made. There are only three overarching determinates of success in any circumstances: attitude, behavior, and technique. And all  those three can be taught. Therefore, great people must be made. Too, i can't deny where there's lots of great people who born to be great. Now, i call them genius! Those who born with great character, with great neuron, they should be thankful for that. 

Why am i typing this for? Back then i'm searching for something and i found this which make me feel like WHOAH...

Albert Einstein grew up as a poor student in Germany where some of his teachers thought that he might be retarded. Unable to speak fluently at age of nine and having those visual imagined by his own. Somehow at the age of twelve, he discovered about geometry and mastered calculus by age sixteen. Started from that moment, people called him genius. 

That insane person, that retarded person, is the one that we follow, and use his concept until now. So what say all of you now? 

People are born knowing very little about how to take any actions. We all learned what to do and how to act. Therefore, once again, people can be taught what actions to take and how to take them. Consequently, people can be taught how to set goals, make a plan, and take the actions to execute the plan. Nearly everything that can be taught can be studied, practiced, and improved upon. Therefore, people can be taught the behaviors necessary to make them great people.

Small steps can lead to a big change

Being nerd doesn't always make the statement that the person is weirdo. I tend to read a comment from my friend to another friend of her. Its like this, she's changing her fb to the timeline setting. Then most people who befriend with her condemned her. One of the comment sounds like this,

Bro, weirdo bro! Why the hell are you using timeline? hahaha

And i tought that okayyy, tukar timeline pun dapat perkataan hell. Tukar timeline pun kena ejek weirdo. Habis nak pakai apa? hahaahaha Nope! I can blame no one. Just like i said, ignore others because human like to state the obvious one. 

Tend to ejek GEMUK instead of KURUS, tend to say GELAP instead of PUTIH MELEPAK MACAM ALBINO. Oh please, kulit sawo matang tu kan manis =)

Cut that crap. So in my own conclusion, whatever gonna happen next in your life, if you're turning it into the possibe way, you can be great. 

The bottom line is that there truly is one must-have characteristic of a great person: he or she must have a DESIRE to continuously learn and grow. Anyone who has this desire can be an extremely effective and successful great person. Remember, those with simple and ordinary behaviour might be great one day. We cannot easily judge people by his own past but look at his future. What he will be? And so on. 

So dear future, please mingle with me friendly and i will make you awesome.

p/s starving right now. Going to eat. TATA

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In the making of a fabulous story


*one day, i'll be a novelist. Aminn!

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The guitar tune and voice composedly make me fall in love with you, Konayuki!
You can be part of my life as me myself start to adore you like crazy.
Singing it every time i go to work, singing it every time getting bored doing something.
Oh Konayuki..this song is so much like Hujan's songs *a Malaysian band
I shall sing it whenever i go to karaoke soon =)

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imma BLUE_PINK girl <3

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Nice person of mine

Nak bercerita tentang nice person sangatlah excited. Well, kali ni nak cerita pasal sorang perempuan yang pada aku, yes, she is so meaningful to my life. Insyaallah sampai syurga. Aku ingat lagi quote yang dia bagi, its like this, 

 Bila aku ada kawan yang lebih baik dari dia, tak apa, just go on but don't forget to look back when i have no one. She always be there when i need her. 

Yup! The words couldn't make you cry for no more right?

Introducing my girl-

 Nurul Hamizah Binti Marlap 

*i put it in green coz she loves it so much

She is really a nice person. We used to be like belangkas when we were one time at matriculation state. Yah, kami pernah tidur sama, katil yang sama bantal yang sama *not to think something else!* hahaha Bayangkan rapatnya kami. 

We went to Melaka for twice. She did went to my granny house, my own house. Lepak lepak, bercerita, jalan jalan, snap pictures hahahaha So memorable! *kek volcano pizza hut yang menjilat jari ssluuuurrrpppp

We shared everything together. EVERYTHING! Having a little gossips here and there about results, studies, boys, friends, family, old time memories and many more. I miss her very very much!!!! 

She is the one that i met on the first day of matriculation studies. Just like orang lain cakap, ''Eh fify dengan izah ni kawan dari sekolah menengah dulu ke? " And that time we hear the question, we both burst into laugh hahahahah! Tak pasal pasal orang yang tanya soalan kena gelak. 

Then, we denied it and explained that we were just met on the first day and being so close until now. That person who asked the question became like this, "Wow! Is it for real yang korang bukan kawan dari sekolah?" hahahah. 

Yes we are! When i have my own problem, i did crawl into her room and tell her about every single tiny thing until i did cry in front of her because of my problems. And that time, she lend me her hand and did, her shoulder. 

Izah,,,,, ingat tak the time dekat padang when we were so stressed out about something? Crying, sharing stories and solve it together. Macam orang gila pun ada haha Orang lain pergi padang dengan pakai sport attire tapi kita dua? Yup pakai baju kurung and jalan-jalan dekat padang and yes, duduk dekat kerusi padang tu right? hahaha Back then, it was a very valuable memory that i should share to all of you. So much to remember so much to tell ya.

Nak tau trend kami bagi hadiah birthday? hhahahaha I did first to her and ada orang tiru lahhh =P 
On 21.10.2011, i did bought something as a present to give to her. hahaha But i don't even know how to give it. Nak bagi depan depan ke? Nak suruh orang pass kan ke? Oh girl! Malu lah bagi depan depan. Nak pranck her, time tu, but exam fever masa tu. So, yah izah boleh la lepas. hahha So i decided to put that present in front of her door and give a power knock TOK TOK TOK on her door anddd CABUT LARIII!!! hahaha Then that night i received a text from her, "Fifyyyyy...i am so touched..tenkiu veryyy muchhhhh!" Heee Suka tengok kawan baik hepy hepy ^,* And she did the same for my birthday. So much fun bebeh.

I miss her very very much till now. Once in our friendship, we did have that misscommunication that hurts us. I just don't even know what is happening. But i lose her. I left her alone. =( I know that time was the hardest time of her life and she did tell me that i was not there when she needs me. I am so sorry my dear. It was the people around us or might be myself that ruin our friendship. I just don't know. *sigh But i am really missing you. Memang terasa bila seseorang yang rapat, tiba tiba jauh tanpa sebab. Just like you said, maybe that time, saya ada kawan yang lebih baik dan saya tak pandang belakang dan lihat siapa yang ada untuk saya selama ni. I am so sorry again. But now, everything turns up to be what we want. That care, that chit chat, that sories, that wonderful text. Hahaha thanks for the person who brings us back. (Muhammad Rauf bin Radzuan). He advised me a lot on this thing. Tenkiu rauf san hee =)

Now, i want the hug, i want that care, i need you advice, i need you by my side, i need you throughout my life. Ukhwah ni insyaAllah sampai ke syurga. Doakan persahabatan ni terjalin kerana Allah sebab kami dah pernah berpisah dan terjalin kembali. =)

...........with tears i end my story here

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Carrot, egg and coffee beans

Try to imagine.

First, put some water in three different pots. Put a slice of carrot, an egg and coffee beans inside the pot. Boil for 15 minutes.

Result? It goes like this.

Carrot-Went in so hard but apparently so soft after that 15 minutes boiled
Egg-Went in soft inside itself but now, very hard inside.
Coffee beans powder-Invisible and disappeared but water has its colour and wonderful smell of coffee.

Now, the significance here is our life. Just think about life.
We think that, everything goes very well. Everything goes the way that we thought. But its not like that. 

Life is not always easy, too, not comforting you all the time.
Sometimes life gets very very hard. Things get miserable, things will not flow as it was planned earlier, people don’t treat us like we hope, the hardwork with a few result. All sorts of difficulties. 

Can we get through all these difficulties???

Now think about the three pots.
The boiling water is just like our life.
Now the analogy here is like this.

Carrot-Go strong, go tougher earlier. But come out like a freak, with soft and weak appearance. So fragile! Tired to move on with life, lose hope, giving up easily and no more fighting spirit.


Egg-Started with a soft and sensitive heart inside. But end up with very hard and deep inside, full of hatred and negative perception. So bad! Hate others, no narcicism, hard-hearted, no warm feels and everything just like the black colour. Blank! Bitter!


Coffee beans-Water does not change the coffee beans but!!!! The coffee beans that change the water. Coffee beans fully influenced the water. Coffee beans get disappeared. Well, the awesome thing happened here. We only can see the existence of coffee beans when we see the colour of the water, the smell. Drink it, taste it. It gives us UMPHH!! Namely hot coffee.


Be like coffee beans. Make something good from all the difficulties that we face in life. Twist the problems to become something tha we can endure. No problems cannot be solved!


Get to learn new things, new skills, discover our ability, grow in experience. 
We are the one that should make the world around us better!

To be a successful person..we must..TRYYYYYY!!! and TRYYY!!! Try!!! Again and again.

Believe in what we are doing. Have that faith.
We must not giving up easily, must keep pushing!

What we would be when things go very very wrong? Just like the carrot? Egg? Or coffee beans?
Yuuupppp!!! Coffee beans I shall say.

Be like the coffee beans then =)
*to myself and others

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Spill it!!

♥♥ Ketika keadaan mengharuskan untuk menangis,,menangis la…tak semua air mata bererti lemah..

♥ ♥ Menangis dan sedih bukanlah bermakna kita hilang harapan. Jauh sekali untuk menjadikan kita putus asa dengan rahmat Tuhan.

♥ ♥ Sesekali menangis, hati kita akan bangkit sedar bahawa kita hanyalah hambaNya yang lemah dan kerdil.
 ♥ ♥ Sesekali menangis, jiwa kita dididik dengan indahnya sabar dan redha...

♥ ♥ Percayalah bukan Allah tidak tahu hancur dan luluhnya hati kita menanggung kecewa dan sedih.....

♥ TETAPI Dia mahu kita rapat padaNya, lantaran hati-hati sebeginilah yang lebih lunak dan lembut beribadat kepadaNya. ♥
 Allahu akbar..jangan lah Kau luluhkan hati ini selain dari untukMu wahai penciptaku amin. 

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